Neil Hugh Office

Brand Strategy & Marketing

Milieu has transformed what it means to live in multi-residential spaces by marrying architectural and interior design outcomes of quality, with a genuine desire to understand and engage with the communities in which it operates. The market-leading business works with Neil Hugh Office to reinforce brand positioning and support sales growth through strategic public relations, search engine marketing and paid social media. Photography by Tom Blachford and Kate Ballis.
Articolo is a design studio that celebrates the art of light through a commitment to artisanal craft, quality production, and a contemporary yet enduring aesthetic. As the business confidently emerges on the global stage, Neil Hugh Office has been engaged to guide the business with a highly refined approach to brand management and strategic public relations services. Photography courtesy of Articolo.
Coy Yiontis Architects
For over twenty years Coy Yiontis Architects has earned a highly lauded position within the industry for its thoughtful approach to the built environment. From this foundation Neil Hugh Office was engaged to define a marketing strategy that drove continued growth through a careful elevation of brand awareness. Our collaboration extends to ongoing strategic marketing support and public relation services. Photography by Peter Clarke.
Denfair, Australia’s leading design trade event, called upon Neil Hugh Office to leverage its official media partner relationships and develop strategies to bolster both professional and public attendance through a considered approach to marketing, paid social media and search engine marketing. Photography by Dan Hocking for Fred International.
Fiona Lynch
Renowned for an artistic approach to interior design, Fiona Lynch is an award-winning studio that engaged Neil Hugh Office to define a marketing strategy that carefully influenced positioning whilst supporting business growth. Our relationship continues through ongoing brand management, content marketing and copywriting. Photography by Brooke Holm and styling by Marsha Golemac.
Fred International

Fred International, a leading distributor of contemporary Scandinavian furniture and lighting, engaged Neil Hugh Office to define its market positioning and develop strategies for increased awareness, engagement and growth. From this foundation we continue to support the business in brand management, content marketing, public relations, paid social media, search engine marketing and copywriting. Photography courtesy of Fred International.

Lightly is an Australian design brand renowned for its range of considered, functional objects inspired by a sense of adventure and resourcefulness. As the business celebrated its tenth birthday, Neil Hugh Office was engaged to revisit Lightly's brand's definition in the context of market positioning and differentiation, values and personality, the outcome of which assisted in developing a strategic path forward. Photography courtesy of Lightly.
Modern Times
Modern Times is a Melbourne design destination celebrated for its unique pairing of vintage European design furniture with contemporary Australian art and objects. Neil Hugh Office works closely with the business to develop strategies for increased market share, brand awareness and customer engagement. Services employed include brand management, content marketing, paid social media, search engine marketing and events. Photography courtesy of Modern Times.
Studio Tate
Studio Tate is a burgeoning interior architecture practice that is committed to intelligent design and intelligent brand management. The collaboration with Neil Hugh Office commenced with a brand definition strategy to affirm market positioning and define a desired trajectory. Today we continue to oversee brand management, marketing strategy, public relations and paid social media. Photography by Peter Clarke.